eMail Coaching


After you book and pay for your personal eMail coaching session, you can take your time to create questions for Dr. Hurd regarding issues in your life. Sleep on them, and make sure they say what you want them to say, then eMail these questions to Dr. Hurd and he will take the time to carefully formulate an answer. That response is yours and can be read over and over in the privacy of your eMail box. Dr. Hurd will provide you with an eMail address after you purchase your session.



Once you purchase your eMail coaching session and payment is received, Dr. Hurd will contact you regarding the first eMail session. This type of session requires that you send extensive questions and details regarding your personal concerns or whatever issues you wish to address. Once this is received (Dr. Hurd will provide you with his eMail address after your session is purchased), Dr. Hurd will schedule a block of time (usually within a week) to develop a detailed reply. You will be informed as to when to expect the reply.

When you purchase your session be sure to include your phone number and email address so Dr. Hurd can provide you with hisĀ eMail address and contact you about the time frame for your questions and his replies. Once you schedule the session, time is set aside to respond to you. So, though sessions may sometimes be rescheduled, they cannot be cancelled. Sorry, NO REFUNDS.

Coaching/Consultation by email, phone or live chat, while potentially very helpful, is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can include treatment of serious mental or emotional disorders, while long-distance consultation/life coaching is for everyday life problems, stress management, or just needing someone to talk to.

Please do not make an appointment unless you intend to keep it. If you cancel, the appointment will be charged in full. Thank you!