Is Donald Trump a Narcissist?

…the single strongest predictor of expressing political support for Donald Trump. Trump’s promise to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out, and his railing against Muslims and other outsiders have presumably fed that dynamic. “As president, Donald Trump promises he would make America great again. In [his book] Crippled America, he says that a first step toward victory is building up the Armed Forces: ‘Everything begins… Continue reading

How Trump Supporters Can Deal With “Holiday Trump Derangement Syndrome” (HTDS)

…n’t have to discuss any topic you choose not to discuss. Some opponents of Trump (I call them “Old School” or Nice Democrats) follow this rule, but people afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome cannot stand being quiet. They have to bring up politics, and their goal will be to put you on the defensive for being a Trump supporter. So if you find yourself unable or unwilling to resist the topic altogether once it’s imposed on you, consider a few… Continue reading

Fascism, Anyone?

…do people who support opposite policies have to gain by supporting Donald Trump? Trump reversed his views on abortion, from pro-choice to “pro-life” only after switching parties from Democrat to Republican in 2009. No real reason is given, other than that’s what you have to do to be a Republican. What does this say about his devotion to principle — any principle at all? In fact, pro-choice is one of the only issues about which Democrats are right… Continue reading

President Donald Trump is Not a Fascist

…otionally insane, at least when it comes to politics and government. Never Trumpers call President Trump a fascist because they do not like him personally — for whatever reasons — and instead of owning up to that fact, they dishonestly call him something he is not, without any evidence. Call President Trump what you like, if you don’t like him. Criticize his style and all the rest. Good luck trying to ever get another milquetoast Bush or Romney el… Continue reading

Donald Trump: The Wish Fulfillment Candidate

…tion of economic power over the United States it does. I don’t hear Donald Trump blaming Americans for anything. I don’t see any indication that Donald Trump has that much of a problem with Obama being such a socialist. For all we know, Trump might be a socialist himself — only a tougher one. If you’re looking for a label to describe Trump, the one I’d pick is fascist. A fascist is essentially a socialist who wants to keep up the appearance of pri… Continue reading

Why Violence Against Trump Supporters, But Not Sanders/Clinton Supporters?

…ttacked? Is this still America? Well, yes – so long as you’re not a Donald Trump supporter. I say this not as a Donald Trump supporter. I do say it as a supporter of what used to be America. There’s all this talk of how the Republican party has moved to the loony right. Is Donald Trump right wing? Members of his own party cannot agree on what his ideology actually is. Bernie Sanders, however, leaves no doubt that he is a hard left, hardcore, open… Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Ebola Comments Were Right

…othing but compassion for others. That’s certainly not how one reaction to Trump’s comments went: I hope Donald Trump gets Ebola. No, I don’t want the guy to die. That would be a breach of taste. Furthermore we would be deprived of a great source of entertainment and thus, copy. But think of how fun it would be to envision Trump experiencing the following symptoms: Fever; Headache; Joint and muscle aches; Weakness; Diarrhea; Vomiting; Stomach pain… Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Anger is the Best Thing About Him

…xes and relaxing a few regulations. Reagan’s era bought America some time. Trump hopes to do the same. In his book, Trump favors a mixture of right and wrong ideas. But all the ideas he favors are related to the two most pressing concerns of a country: the economy and defense. This makes him different from other Republicans, who for the most part don’t seem to feel anger — or really much of anything — other than their desire to end Obamacare (they… Continue reading

The Psychology of Trump

…he believes very little of the news today is of practical value). What is Trump’s appeal? In thinking about this, what I keep coming back to is: Trump is appealing for what he’s not, more than for what he is. What he’s not is a professional politician. What he’s not is someone beholden to the special interests/political interest groups who dominate Washington DC and the government. What he’s not is someone who pretends to care about what others t… Continue reading

Is Trump a Narcissist? What About Obama?

…ly, or physically is to lower them. That’s what he’s doing.” [Note: Donald Trump did not necessarily degrade U.S. Senator John McCain. Trump did criticize the idea of excusing or ignoring McCain’s political and ideological mistakes solely because of his past military service.] Narcissists, he goes [on], often denigrate other people as comparative “losers.” “If you examine Trump’s language in his public statements as well as in the debates, you wil… Continue reading

On Health Care, Donald Trump Sounds Like Bernie Sanders

…o each according to his need” (Marx’s credo), is the unspoken premise that Trump applies here. Does Trump consider himself a socialist, or a Marxist? Almost certainly not. But if you believe in, and agree with, its most fundamental assumption in one context (especially a very important one, like medical care), then you are, to that extent at least, a Marxist. Trump’s unspoken implication here is no different from Obama’s, Bernie Sanders’, or anyon… Continue reading

Are Trump Supporters “In Denial”–or Is Hollow Politician Jeff Flake?

…gan) were essentially the same as Democrats. If that wasn’t obvious before Trump’s presidency, it certainly is now. Donald Trump tries with all his might to do what all Republicans have campaigned on for the last 8 years, to repeal Obamacare. What happens? They cannot muster the votes, even with a majority, to repeal Obamacare. Next President Trump will try to cut taxes. Republicans always want to cut taxes, right? Not if Speaker of the House Paul… Continue reading