Are Trump Supporters “In Denial”–or Is Hollow Politician Jeff Flake?

It’s now fashionable (in DC) to say that you’re “in denial” if you support Donald Trump’s presidency, whether in whole or even in part.

Case in point: Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake claimed his party is in “denial” about President Donald Trump in a recently released excerpt from his upcoming book.

Flake argued that the Republican party had helped create the Trump movement and now is in complete denial over the “chaos” the Trump presidency has created in an excerpt from his new book “Conscience of a Conservative”, featured in Politico.

First of all, mistrust people who call themselves Republicans and gain the support of Politico, a statist proponent of the Establishment Swamp if ever there was one. Second, mistrust people who lack the originality to come up with their own book title. Instead, Jeff Flake stole his title from Barry Goldwater, a true non-Establishment candidate for president if ever there was one, which is one of the reasons he lost so badly.

Flake’s accusation is a classic example of “the pot calling the kettle black”. In other words, to accept Flake’s characterization of Trump supporters as “in denial” requires evasion of a much bigger fact: That the Republican Party was already dead. Donald Trump did not create the chaos in the Republican Party. He walked in to take it over. Republicans — by saying, meaning and doing absolutely nothing for two decades after Ronald Reagan left office — brought this all on themselves.

The Republican Party is gone. It was over without Donald Trump’s presidency. If Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney had gained the nomination, we’d have Hillary Clinton in office, most likely. Or we’d have Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney with Hillary Clinton’s policies.

My own guess is that history will record the Republican Party as beginning with Abraham Lincoln and ending with Ronald Reagan. The two Bushes were Republicans in name only, but they ushered in the era where Republicans (unlike Reagan) were essentially the same as Democrats. If that wasn’t obvious before Trump’s presidency, it certainly is now.

Donald Trump tries with all his might to do what all Republicans have campaigned on for the last 8 years, to repeal Obamacare. What happens? They cannot muster the votes, even with a majority, to repeal Obamacare. Next President Trump will try to cut taxes. Republicans always want to cut taxes, right? Not if Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has anything to say about it. He’s already whining that it probably cannot be done. What’s this?! A Republican Speaker of the House who used to claim he loved Ayn Rand cannot muster the votes to cut taxes? We’ll believe tax cuts when we see them, and we don’t have much reason to expect to see them, given the Republican track record. That’s because the Republicans are no longer Republicans, not even nominally.

The reason Donald Trump is in the White House? Because the Republican Party no longer offered an alternative. Just as the Republican Party posed no threat to Obama during his whole time in office, everyone knows that no regular Republican could have defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump won because of what he was NOT. President Trump walked into the chaos. He did not create it.

Granted, NOT being something is not as powerful as being something. WHAT the Republican Party is ultimately replaced with depends partly on Donald Trump, and partly on people who — however they label themselves — are not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders socialist-Democrats. Trump offers more of an alternative to the Communists-in-waiting than Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan ever will.

Jeff Flake lives up to his name. It is ludicrous that this pseudo-Republican is lecturing dissenters about their psychological “denial” for wanting to give Donald Trump a chance. It’s almost as bizarre as Barack Obama lecturing Americans for their “Islamophobia” after repeated Muslim terrorist attacks, or for their alleged racism following the cold-blooded mowing down of police officers by anarchists in favor of black racial supremacy.

We continue to live in wacky, crazy times. Donald Trump will get all the blame. But if you want to see the real insanity, listen to these hollow Republican nothings like Jeff Flake lecture us on what it’s like to have a conscience. These career politicians with nothing to offer know less about a conscience than just about anyone alive.

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