Suddenly, the Left Discovers Tyranny

Suddenly, the leftist Commiefascist elites in media and entertainment are concerned about the possibility of … tyranny.

On “The View,” Joy Behar and others were screaming that if Trump is elected, their show will be canceled by him, since he will install a dictatorship and censor his critics. Based on what evidence? Obviously, it’s projection. They’re trying to portray themselves as victims in advance. Yet they are the censors. The Democrats and leftists — the Party of The View — are actively censoring and also arresting, and putting on trial, people with opposing views. Victimizers who portray themselves as victims are qualities you find in narcissists, sociopaths and gaslighters. What an esteemed bunch of psychopaths too many of us have anointed as our cultural spokespersons.

Additionally: Leftists are screaming that if Trump wins, they will be jailed. Well, what are we supposed to do with traitors who have violated the entire Constitution, decimated our Bill of Rights and prosecuted people for their political views? They imposed experimental medical treatments, ridiculous mask mandates, inflated the currency to increase spending beyond all rational limits, sided with ruthless Palestinian savages against our sole ally in the Middle East, imposed censorship by proxy through social media companies, and opened up the borders to any and all comers ..
All this while turning the military into a gigantic drag show, and openly rigging elections. Imprisonment is the kindest thing these monsters deserve. My vote is to charge them with treason and give them the harshest punishment under the law. Will this happen? Likely not. But millions and millions are furious beyond belief, and after November that rage could boil over.

What the boiling over will look like, we can only guess. But we can be certain: It cannot go on like this indefinitely.


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