An Occupied Country

America is an occupied country. Our government is a bunch of unaccountable mobsters. Elections don’t matter to them.

One way or another, they will win. Trump entered the White House in 2017, for 4 years. Still, they won. They undercut him in ways nobody realized at the time, and they managed to get him out — and later prosecute him for fake felonies. The legal system does not matter to them; neither do elections.

This is not negativity. It’s not a “lack of faith.” It’s not a refusal to believe, “This is America, and this cannot happen here.” It IS happening here, because it can happen anywhere.

Dictators, sociopaths, tyrants and (actual) felons do not care about the things that you — as decent, liberty-loving Americans — take for granted that everyone with power cares about. Think of the worst criminal or mobster you ever read about. Then imagine that criminal or mobster with unlimited power, zero accountability and — through it all — getting to call himself an advocate of “democracy” or even freedom.

That’s what it means to say we have an occupied country. The Nazis and the Japanese never got this far, in World War II, not in America. The Soviets never got this far, in the Cold War. But we’re there now. There are Jew-hating Nazis, money-grubbing fascists and ideological, woke Communists in charge of everything. So accept this fact, and realize what we’re up against. Otherwise, no strategy is going to work.


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