Nobody HATES Like a Leftist

Leftists call anyone who disagrees with them — on anything — “haters.”

But consider all the things leftists hate.

Leftists hate the Constitution. They won’t say why, other than it was written by white men. Leftists hate white men. Some leftists are white men, so we can only assume they hate themselves.

They don’t really say why else they hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We can only assume it’s because it doesn’t impose Communism or fascism on the country. Leftists hate freedom, and in order to wipe out economic freedom you need socialism; in order to wipe out other kinds of freedom, you need fascism; in order to wipe out ALL freedom you need Communism. Leftists hate the Constitution because it gets in the way of legislating absolutely everything and everyone the way they think we all should be.

Leftists hate guns — except when in the hands of government agencies doing what they want. When agents with guns show up at Donald Trump’s house, or at the house of a less well-known dissenter, then they LIKE guns. Otherwise; not so much.

Leftists hate free speech. They claim to love free speech, but they pressure social media companies to eliminate hate speech, defined as any speech they dislike. The whole purpose of free speech is that the government does not restrict anyone’s speech, ever. With leftists, it’s selective. When you bring this up to a leftist, he or she becomes irate, even hateful.

Leftists hate capitalism. Except when it’s their OWN economic choices. They hate wealth. Except when the wealthy are progressives and fellow leftists. They hate religion, except when they can manipulate or exploit religious people into doing what they want, as with environmental fascism or other kinds of controls. They count on us overlooking that their own religion — Government intervention in absolutely every aspect of our lives — is a form of state-sanctioned religion bigger than anything seen since the Holy Roman Empire of the middle ages.

I have never seen people as hateful as leftists, when they’re screaming about their leftism. Some of them are highly reasonable, personable, seemingly nice people, unless the subject of Donald Trump or anything remotely nonleftist comes up. Then they become intimidating, rude, nasty, threatening and more hateful than anyone else you’ve ever read about from Hitler or the KKK. And make no mistake: People carrying around this much hatred will, eventually, act on all of it — or at least stand passively by (silently satisfied) when their own version of Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini takes everything over and runs all dissenters out of town. Look around at what’s happening today. They don’t need a Hitler. They can do it with a demented puppet. And they’re doing it.



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