The # 1 Reason to Vote for Donald Trump

Excellent post by Mitchell Broderick (writing on Facebook):

“Here is how I interpret and understand the gravity of the situation:

In due time, should the powers that be remain able to move forward their anti-western, anti-liberty agenda, there will be show trials, and very real convictions, for each of us. We’ve well known that something has been rotten in Denmark, but the stink has been largely covered up.

But now the rank infestation has burst out of the belly of Leviathan and the mutant creature inside is now outside, and all can see it. The odor is putrid, but its image is far more vile. Some of you are under its spell, offering to it your minds. Many of us see it as the rightful monster it is. If you care to look it in the eyes, you will see a vision of the future:

There will eventually be show trials for us all, for any dissenter of consequence, and all dissenters will eventually be of consequence. The creature, while living, will bear no challenger.

Your crimes have all been documented and logged in databases of the largest corporations in the world (including this one). They will continue to compile them and use them to blackmail you or destroy you at some point in the future. They will plant and fabricate your crimes, too. We know this will come, and yet far worse will also come, unless the creature is put down. We don’t have to imagine the horrors they have in mind for us, one need only look into the past.

Are there better men than Donald Trump?

You will find no disagreement here that indeed there are, but they’re not the man of relevance. To paraphrase my favorite author, Ayn Rand, what she wrote about Richard Nixon, I substitute Trump:

‘I am not an admirer of Trump, but I urge every able-minded voter of any race, color, age, sex, or political party, to vote for Trump as a matter of National Emergency. This is no longer an issue of choosing the lesser of two commensurate evils. The choice is between a flawed candidate representing Western Civilization and the perfect candidate of its primordial enemies…’

I will be voting for Donald Trump, the convicted felon, in November. I can’t imagine there’s much that could happen that will change my mind. I probably agree with many of your grievances towards him regarding policy. I don’t know that he can save the country, but he can buy us time and put people in positions that can begin to take hatchets to the creature.

Believe it or not, I’ve largely been much more quiet on politics in the past few years on social media. It is exhausting and I have work to do. I write this because I know there are folks who need to see that someone like me is saying this publicly, unashamed, and with conviction.

I will vote with conviction for Donald Trump, convicted felon, on November 5th. I’m starting a recurring donation to the campaign (I’ve donated previously).
I believe you should, too. It may be the last chance we have to course correct… if there’s even a chance at all.

They will come for us. They proved that during Covid. They can’t wait for it.”



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