It’s Not Lawfare; It’s Warfare. We Are IN a Civil War.

It’s not lawfare. It’s WARFARE. This isn’t politics; it’s a civil war. Jailing political dissidents is an act of war.


John Solomon: FBI officials conducting a top-secret security clearance review for a longtime employee asked witnesses whether that employee was known to support former President Donald Trump, if he had expressed concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine or had attended a Second Amendment rally, according to internal memos that prompted a complaint to the Justice Department’s internal watchdog alleging political bias inside the bureau.

The employee’s security clearance was revoked months after the interviews, which confirmed his support for Trump and gun rights and his concerns about the COVID vaccine, according to the documents obtained by Just the News.

“Shocking”? It’s not shocking to me.


Charging a member of the Biden crime family with a gun technicality is like charging a serial killer with a speeding ticket.


The Bidens: A beautiful fusion of unrepairable stupidity and irredeemable evil.

Only in a declining civilization would such clowns even be on our radar.


“Your electric car needs a battery. That’ll be $15,000,” says a cartoon, meant to be satire.

Under ecoCommiefascism, this will soon be reality in California, Delaware and most blue states. Start saving your hyperinflated pennies now. No worries: the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons, the Zuckerbergs, the Bill Gates and George Soros families will all be just fine.


“The death of human empathy is one of the earliest and most telling signs of a culture about to fall into barbarism.”

— Hannah Arendt

It’s ironic. We live in the age of altruism, self-sacrifice, virtue-signaling, conspicuous compassion and Communism. Yet empathy has never been lower.

Does it occur to anyone that the more you force or “guilt” people into self-sacrifice, the nastier they become? And that when you leave people alone, the kindest qualities — non-sacrificial in nature — rise to the top, far more often?

Nope. We just keep tripling down on Communism and woke, left-wing guilt trips.


Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, of “Seinfeld,” is attacking her former boss and co-star for suggesting that American society — in all its wokeness — may be going off course.

Julia: Why attack the man whose show and talents enabled you to make your career?

Your beloved Commiefascist, woke psychopaths control absolutely everything: culture, schools, media, government, elections, banking, currency, sports, entertainment and the entire corporate world. We know that you, as just another ignorant, stupid, toxic leftist that even the faint hum of rational sounding thought makes you froth at the mouth. Leave your former co-star alone. Your insipid accusations are all too familiar and will not change a single mind. We have all been called racists and Nazis a thousand times, and are desensitized to the sound of self-conscious, arrogant mindlessness. You were trained as an entertainer, and you were a mighty fine one. A student of human nature, ethics and government? Not so much. Just shut the hell up.


Hunter’s conviction on a gun charge is not the crisis. The crisis is that America is occupied by totalitarian sociopaths, including (but not limited to) the Biden and Obama crime families. They should all be arrested and tried for treason–the entire Biden Cabinet, much of Congress, key officials in the FBI, and elsewhere. The Hunter fiasco is all an orchestrated joke. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. These people — the fascists and Communists we still call Democrats– will positively NOT exit power quietly or peacefully. The sideshow of little Hunter’s conviction is about as credible as Trump’s show trials. We are in a civil war. The weapons are not guns and bombs, at present; the weapons are our very own legal system and Constitution turned against American citizens.



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