The Bidens Provide Bread & Circuses for the Gullible

I wrote this just before Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict:

Hunter’s trial is a SHOW trial. Just like Trump’s trial.

Trump’s trial SHOWS us what happens to dissenters in a weaponized, thoroughly politicized one Party “justice” system.

Hunter’s trial is a SHOW (like Breaking Bad or House of Cards were shows) designed to distract us from what has actually happened to our former republic. Hunter will not be convicted of anything; or if he is, he will walk.

Do not fall for it. And ignore the earnest performances of head nodding, smoothe talking, intellectually dazed news reporters. They hope to earn big bucks drawing you into the charade.

Hunter Biden will be JUST FINE. He never has been accountable a moment of his life; and never will be.

It’s bread and circuses for the conservatives. We all know who’s fully in charge. Whatever happens to the Bidens, the Uniparty will remain in power, until it’s overthrown.

And it will not go quietly; or willingly.

P.S. Emperor Biden said he will NOT pardon his son. This means: He will pardon his son.

P.S. again: If you want to punish Hunter Biden, don’t put him in jail. Just cut off his cocaine and his whores. THAT will be torture for him.



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