Trump HAS to Win. But It’s Not Even Close to Enough.

If Trump wins, it won’t be enough. All hell will break loose. You saw what the tyrants did after Trump’s first election, and throughout 2020. It will be much worse.

Trump has to win. It’s a bare minimum. But we will have to reclaim our republic. This will mean investigating, arresting and prosecuting Biden, his attorney general, and others in his regime for treason. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s offenses should be brought to justice, too. Don’t call this revenge. It’s an absolute necessity. Otherwise: they will come back. They’ll destroy Trump’s second term like his first, and they will come for us all. Punishment for treason is the only way to reverse course, and ensure we become a republic again. A convention of states will also be required, not to rewrite our Constitution, but to reestablish it by massive (I mean MASSIVE) reductions in federal spending and power. The FBI, the EPA, the Department of Education–these and much, much more must GO.

I remain doubtful Trump will win. The magnitude of the fraud and manipulation is too great, and ALL of it from 2020 remains unpunished. Millions of Americans are, quite frankly, ignorant and stupid. Somebody has to say it, because it’s true. But maybe Trump will still somehow win. If he does, it won’t be enough.



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