Who Knew Dictatorship in America Could Happen So Easily?

In a way, the powers-that-be who occupy Washington DC have a point, when they say we’re all in danger. It’s dangerous when mass numbers of people — maybe half the entire population of the U.S., or more — no longer think the court systems are honest, that they’re totally politicized (as they plainly are).

Some leftists think the weaponization of courts is a good thing. “People like Trump, DeSantis and others should be locked up.” Some are actually saying it, and without shame. They applaud the precedent of political incarceration because it’s happening to people they do not like. “Where was political incarceration when Reagan and Bush were president?” the older ones say. Who knew forcing socialism and Communism on the country could be so easy? Just make up a law, charge the undesirable candidate for President with it, and then rig the jury by selecting a jurisdiction where everyone hates the candidate. Then it’s all over!

They’ll rationalize it all by saying, “Well, what alternative do we have to locking up Trump — other than a dictatorship?” They view Trump’s rise to power — and anyone else who shares his views, by the way — as evidence of war. They think that one-party rule, imposed by fraud and force, is freedom; and that Trump’s tax cuts, spending cuts, easing of “climate change” regulations and attempts to uphold the Constitution’s emphasis on due process are the imposition of dictatorship. So they fight back.

Unfortunately, people on the Trump/MAGA/Republican side either lack the will or the means for fighting back, at least so far. They complain to each other on talk radio, the Internet and their media; but that’s all that happens. How many more dissenters will be put in jail before America’s political dissidents organize and start taking some kind of action? What will it take — concentration camps, where people who voted for Trump or said incorrect things on social media will be rounded up for “reeducation”? Does anyone realize how perilously close we are to that, right at this moment?

It’s not stopping with Trump. Already, the Biden regime has charged a medical doctor in Texas who spoke out against genital mutilation of minors with four felonies. Maybe Trump will escape jail, but will all the people with lower profiles be as fortunate?

Things are dangerous all right, but not for the people like Biden, Merrick Garland, the FBI and other Commiefascists who hold all the power and all the cards, at present. Things are dangerous for anyone who disagrees with them, or plans to openly disagree with them in the future. Things are dangerous for the cause of liberty itself. Things are dangerous for any kind of prosperity, with prosperity defined as anything beyond a basic sustenance provided by the government. Why? Because on our present march toward hyperinflation, that’s all anybody is going to get — a pittance from the government, provided they never criticize that government. Only the multibillionaires and connected will be able to handle a dollar that’s worth 1/1,000,000th of its present value in another several years or even sooner.

The totalitarians destroying our Constitution, ruining the currency, wrecking the justice system, opening the borders and opening the floodgates to all of our enemies (including Russia, with warships reportedly headed for the Caribbean in the near future) are the real danger.

They — the leftists, the RINOs, the Commiefascists of our time –scream that they’re in danger; but without any decisive or determined effort yet to remove them from power (hint: elections do not matter to them), they haven’t a thing to worry about. The rest of us do.



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