The American Federal Government: Does It Even Still Serve a Purpose?

The federal court system is rigged, politicized and weaponized. The FBI is not a police force; it’s a 21st Century Gestapo at war with anyone who questions the government. Social Security and Medicare are broke (for real) and are unsustainable, beyond a few more years according to the government’s own figures. The Federal Reserve is decisively making our money worthless so Biden can forgive student loans and let unlimited Democrats into the country to live off the government permanently. Russia and China are encroaching closer and closer to our shores. Our own military is weakening, and demoralized by woke generals more concerned with protecting the feelings of cross dressers than winning a potential war of self-defense. The federal health system calls for the mandatory imposition of experimental treatments that self-evidently do not work and can likely kill you, and the companies producing this toxic snake oil are awarded billions of government dollars.

The federal government is fiscally, strategically and morally a growing liability, infested with utterly amoral, unaccountable freaks. So WHY do we still have this federal government?



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