Trump in a Double Wide Cell?

The latest horror: Former FBI director James Comey (fired by Trump when Trump was President) — has spoken to the media about how Trump can be placed in a double wide trailer, for confinement in his prison sentence, possibly even without Secret Service protection. He’s not concerned about Trump’s safety, but the safety of other prisoners in the jail where Trump will presumably be placed, after sentencing.

That’s where we are. And if you think the NEXT Republican (if one ever comes along) to challenge the status quo of unlimited government won’t get the same treatment, you may be more deranged than James Comey.

Your reaction should NOT be based on whether you like or dislike Donald Trump. Your reaction SHOULD be based on principle. The principle? Whether or not the government of a free country, i.e., of a constitutional, individual rights-respecting republic, may incarcerate its main political opposition for no valid reason.

And don’t you DARE say Trump is a “convicted felon.” He was convicted of misdemeanors that were arbitrarily and unlawfully converted into felonies, for the purposes of this trial only. And even as felonies, they are completely nonviolent in nature and would not result in a prison sentence for the convicted felon in question. If Bill Clinton, Joe Biden or Barack Obama had been convicted of these “crimes,” they would NOT be incarcerated. Nor would they have been tried or convicted in the first place.

We are at a very, very bad point in this republic. If you don’t care about Trump, that’s fine. But if you don’t care about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and even the laws of civilized society and jurisprudence going back to the Magna Carta … well, I cannot help you. But I do know, if you applaud Comey’s attitude, you deserve what you’re going to get living under a one-party government where rights (and prosperity) are doled out by political standards alone. Heaven help your children, if you have them and if you love them.



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