Watch Yourselves, Commiefascists

Donald Trump’s poll numbers were supposed to sink after a conviction. Instead, they’re still high or even rising (for what polls are worth). More objectively and reliably, donations to Trump’s campaign have surged to record levels — since his convictions, and precisely BECAUSE of those convictions.

Commiefascist “Democrats” and RINOs may be able to rig elections and eviscerate the American judicial system. Clearly, they have done that and will continue to do, unless forcibly stopped (through arrests and treason convictions).

But mass numbers of people don’t believe in the validity of our entirely politicized judges, courts and juries; and they consider these “felony convictions” not worth the paper they’re printed on (to use an old expression).

When mass numbers of people start to view their government as having no moral standing, the legal legitimacy of that government will soon collapse as well. I believe that’s what we see happening in large swaths of America.

They’re playing a dangerous game, these sociopaths in power. While they feel like they can do anything they want — and clearly act that way — they fail to note the lessons of history, that eventually every dictator comes down. Millions of Americans are armed. Millions more retain the right to noncompliance, the great American tradition that got our republic started.

When and if a tipping point comes, it may not be pretty, but it will all be over for the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons, the McConnells, and all the others decimating our freedom.

I smell a potential revolution in the works. That includes, but is not limited to, a French Revolution, where the tyrants are literally and visibly dethroned.

Watch yourselves, Commiefascists. You may think you’re smart, but you better dust off your history books.



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