We Are an Occupied Country, and that’s Why Trump is Doomed

The problem with the Trump case — and all the other pending cases against him — is that we grant those “cases” undeserved dignity when we go through the legal system to defend him. Trump, to be fair, is in an impossible situation. He cannot possibly save himself in a legal system where he (and all who follow him) are doomed to destruction. The system could not be more rigged. The normal rules of legal procedure have been turned on their heads. Misdemeanors have been arbitrarily turned into felonies; venues for trials have been deliberately moved to hostile territories where 95 percent of the people will certainly find the defendant guilty; judges even instruct juries, “You may find him guilty whether you think he’s guilty or not; in fact, you better find him guilty.” The media, the professors and most of the “legal experts” all nod approval and comment on absolutely NONE of it.

Under such a grotesquely dishonest, utterly Orwellian scenario where the courts have been overtaken by an openly totalitarian, dishonest government capable only of show trials, it’s self-destructive even to go through the legal process, as Trump and his poor attorneys are trying to do.

There is no legal process.

Most Americans find this confusing, because while they understand no legal process is perfect or infallible, the legal process of America has generally been fair, objective and usually self-correcting over time with checks and balances, due process, a Bill of Rights, and so forth. There is nothing whatsoever rational, just, fair OR legal about any of these cases, and — incredibly — they’re brazenly open about it.

So by pushing the largely unreliable, untrustworthy Supreme Court to hear the matter of Trump vs. New York, we’re honoring a legal system that no longer really exists. Trump is doomed, as are all of us, unless or until we face that we are now — fully, especially at the federal level — an OCCUPIED country, no different than if the Nazis or the Japanese had won World War II, or if the Soviets had ultimately won the Cold War.

I understand this is hard for people to wrap their minds around; but you better. Because the only way to defeat evil is to destroy it. And right now — the good guys (not just Trump) are losing every single battle as well as the war itself. Wake up people — right now! There is literally no time left.



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