Resist America’s Uniparty Tyranny. But How?

HOW are we supposed to resist?

It’s up to each of us to figure out the specifics. Push as far as you’re able and willing. The principle is to cooperate as little as possible with the ruling regime, and its arrogant, pretentious, often psychopathological spokespersons in the culture. In a sense, with regard to resistance, almost anything goes, based on the level of risks you are willing to endure and tolerate. You are not on this earth to be a self-sacrificing martyr. At the same time, there is a point past which there is no life worth the term, not when you’re living in bondage (where we are headed under one-party government). Determine that point for yourself with integrity, and to that extent you win, even if your side (for now) may lose. The guiding principles under a lawless, authoritarian regime: (1) that regime has NO moral standing, no rights whatsoever; (2) your individual rights to live free from the initiation of force are inalienable, and will morally trump the government every single time.

Right outweighs might.

Matt Walsh from @MattWalshBlog said it perfectly:

“I don’t want to hear elected Republicans complaining. I don’t need to see their tweets and statements condemning the verdict. The only thing I want to hear from these people is which Democrats they will have arrested. Don’t tell us that you’re sad about the verdict. We don’t give a shit about your feelings. We want to see corrupt Democrats frog marched on camera in handcuffs. If you won’t do that, then shut up.”

Lock them up and prosecute, punish them as traitors. This is war. And if you do not agree, you will lose.



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