That Illness that Dares Not Speak Its Name

I don’t know golf, so I know nothing about him. Another unspecified, sudden illness. Is EVERY case of sudden death in a young, vibrant, successful athletic male really depression, substance abuse or an inexplicable heart attack? Every single case — seriously? Every day I read of a new celebrity death. Why isn’t this as big a story as the mostly nonfatal flu 4 years ago? I guess it’s just me. (This one supported Trump.)

A physician who follows me on social media wrote: “Sometimes it can be myocarditis which is not a ‘heart attack’, that is, not necessarily obstructed coronary arteries but can be viral. Highly uncommon in a young person, especially a trained athlete.”

Good point. The media isn’t talking about this. Usually, the media jumps to unwarranted conclusions, if anything. With all these unexplained youthful deaths of healthy adults, there’s not even rational speculation; in fact, such speculation is blocked on social media like Facebook.



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