Stop Calling COVID a “Pandemic”!

Stop calling it “the pandemic.” It was not a pandemic. It was a widespread flu that was particularly bad for the elderly and the ill — in other words, just like any other flu. Hundreds of thousands were going to die — we were told — but it never happened. There was no need to close down the world. If there were a need to close down the world, then it would have been necessary with every flu before and since.

It was a mostly media-created crisis with two purposes: (1) to establish the precedent for global Communists to exercise control over everyone, including America; and (2) to get Donald Trump out of the White House.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the term “pandemic” I suggest: “the era of COVID fascism.”

The World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) drive to seal a global pandemic treaty will conclude Friday after weeks of closed-door talks in Geneva, Switzerland.

The House Freedom Caucus sent Biden a letter demanding he stand against the W.H.O.’s push for a “global pandemic treaty.”

If you thought 2 years of state and local mandates imposed by your local governments during COVID fascism were bad, just wait until those mandates are international. And they won’t be limited to mask and “vaccine” mandates; they will be about anything and everything. Because in the name of “health,” world tyrants have learned, you can get away with anything. The truth will not matter, and if science begs to differ, dissenting voices in science will be censored.

“They can’t do that,” is what most people I know will say. Yes, they can. And yes, they will. Unless we simply refuse to comply, and are prepared to defend — with force, if necessary — our individual rights to be sovereign over our minds and bodies, then they will do it.

Remember: They have no reason to think they’ll be challenged or questioned, not by the vast majority. The Biden regime is on board with this world mandate. So will the next puppet regime. Maybe Trump will get 4 years to roll it back. But then it will all resume after 4 years. Who will save us then — Nikki Haley? Be serious. There’s nobody other than Trump who will stop it, Trump and a handful of people in the House Freedom Caucus.

It’s all up to us. Either we believe we have rights, or we don’t. If we don’t start to ACT like we believe we have individual rights to be sovereign over our bodies and minds and actions, then the tyrants — like a malignancy — will continue to envelop the world.



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