The “Little Guy” is a Myth

I keep reading that supporters of Trump say he’s for “the little man.” In a free country, there are no superior rights for either the “little” or the “big” man. Government protects the rights (i.e., our Bill of Rights) of all equally. And that’s it. That’s why it’s SO important that government stay the hell out of business. When government starts taking its share of the pie from business, then the business owners — especially the bigger ones — get in league with the government. This creates the “us vs them” mindset that has brought about all the populism we see today: Big wealthy state-managed Communist pseudocapitalists in league with the Bidenistas to ruin the lives of their inferiors. This is the stuff of the French Revolution (watch your heads, Bidenistas).

The populism is understandable and in many ways healthy, but it’s also a byproduct of where America went wrong, when government went from simply being the protector of individual freedom to becoming the chief cook and bottle washer for absolutely everything that goes on in life. This MUST stop!

Put simply, government — while needed in order to protect us from violent thugs — ruins everything else it touches: health care, education, technology, media, absolutely everything. Before long, with its hands in everything, the government becomes the biggest thug of all. And that’s exactly what has happened. Of course the “little guy” would like some relief and Donald Trump seems to offer that, psychologically if in no other way. But nobody, Trump included, can actually help unless the role and cost of the massively corrupt federal government is exponentially reduced. As Thomas Jefferson wisely said all those years ago: The government that governs least governs best. America in 2024 proves the validity of that statement.



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