Buttigieg: America’s Howdy Doody of Transportation

Much is being made in conservative media about how Pete Buttigieg can’t explain why Biden’s regime has only built 8 electric vehicle charging stations.

It’s an uphill battle to succeed as a dictator when you’re stupid.

First of all, the Biden regime is a collectivist, Commiefascist government. Governments don’t get anything done. They make rules, but they don’t produce. Governments can only hamper and destroy.

Secondly, it shows how the Biden regime could not care less about electric vehicles or “the planet” or “the climate.” They only care about power. They only care about curbing or eliminating the use of fossil fuels — for the little people. They want to make most people’s lives miserable so they can continue to rule over them. It’s an old, old story. They call themselves “progressive”. They’re progressive all right — like cancer; like any disease.

Most are stupid enough to fall for it. Either they convert to electric vehicles and electric stoves (which don’t cook well); or they continue to use fossil fuels, while feeling guilty. Rest assured that the Bidens, the Buttigiegs, the Bill Gates family, the Zuckerberg family, the Soros family never feel guilt of any kind, for anything they do.

As I keep saying: If we can’t get a second American Revolution, let’s at least have a French Revolution. Regardless of what happens, this situation cannot and will not sustain itself.

Sooner or later, something is going to blow. And America’s very own Howdy Doody of Transportation Buttigieg accidentally stumbled on it.


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