The Biden Regime is Far More of a Threat to Our Liberty than Putin

I disagree that Biden’s “campaign” (what campaign?) is worried about huge Trump rallies in a blue state, New Jersey. Biden continues to willfully, recklessly and even gleefully wreck our country, our currency, our military, our legal system, our borders and our freedom. He and his bosses (Obama, Soros, etc.) would not do this if they were worried about voters. We should be concerned when they DO get worried, if they do. Nervous sociopaths do not walk back their tyranny when frightened. They triple down on their tyranny. Look for martial law, draped in a climate emergency or perhaps another COVID emergency lockdown come October. Or something too sinister even to imagine. These people will not go quietly, even if Trump somehow overcomes prosecution and fraud to defeat them. In fact, they will not go at all.


This concept of “pausing the bombing” or “slowing down” or delaying a war is obscene. By “obscene,” I mean conceptually obscene. The mind cannot grasp a contradiction this horrendous, not when the stakes are so high, and no rational mind should try.

Whether you’re a military general or a pacifist, the truth is the same: War is war. It’s all or nothing. You either engage to win, or you don’t fight at all. Vietnam taught this to America, although most never learned it.

People who call for a pause to Israel’s war against violent barbarians know full well that a pause means surrender. A surrender when you’re winning? And when you’re on the right side? Israel was attacked. If Palestinians and those who love them didn’t want a war, THEN THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE STARTED ONE.


Putin plotting terror against the U.S.? So is the Biden regime, against Americans and their hollowed out Constitution. If not through bombs, then certainly through fostering hyperinflation, gutting due process, prosecuting political opposition, censorship by proxy, opening up the borders to moochers and thugs, attempts to disarm the citizens, castration of the military and ruthlessly propagandizing the young.

I am SICK of people who scream that Putin is evil (he certainly is) while pretending or ignoring that the clearest and most present danger now arises from our own government, in plain sight. If you are foolish enough to think the Biden regime can or will save you from Putin — and that it even matters if they do — then you are clueless beyond repair.



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