Our Way Out of this Mess? The Bill of Rights: With One Modification …

I would love to be wrong. But the facts are so overwhelming about how the leftists/Establishment are willfully destroying not just America, but civilization itself. Nobody can wish these facts away.

At the same time, if more people simply stood up to the evil, and allowed themselves to be influenced by the minority of rational thinkers we are (at this point) still permitted to read (Paine, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Aristotle, Ayn Rand, Hayek, von Mises, just to name a few big ones), then there would at least be a fight and a battle.

This will require turning your back on Harvard, and all the “experts” who speak lies to masses, but do so with seeming articulation and intelligence that fools most people.

Even so: There’s a lot of legitimate anger out there, but it’s unfocused anger, in many ways. We may be heading toward some kind of a French Revolution where we take care of the dictators, but without a positive alternative that action won’t lead to change, any more than it did in France in the 19th Century.

One set of dictators can be replaced by an even worse set until we embrace the idea that man has rights, that human nature is capable of virtue, productivity and self-sufficiency, and those who sponge off of those virtues or try to thwart them are the definition of evil.

The greatest model is the (first) American revolution. It offered a positive alternative, primarily the Bill of Rights. We have to reassert that Bill of Rights and tweak it — i.e., add to it by making explicit that no government may pass a law abridging freedom of commerce. This will take government and politicians out of the business sector, just like they were taken out of religious organizations and the media.

Because we let government and business merge, it created a “follow the money” scenario where ultimately the government took over our free speech, our gun rights and everything else. At least, that’s what they’re systematically trying to do right now, in plain daylight.



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