Trump Show Trial # 1: It’s Way, Way Worse than Election Interference

Trump’s first “criminal trial” is starting to wind down. It’s a disgrace to call it a trial. The things he’s charged with are not crimes, and nobody claims they are crimes. Many male celebrities have paid “hush money” to quiet false or true rumors about their personal lives. The prosecution of Trump is criminal, not anything he actually or allegedly did.

We all know what he’s on trial for — his ideas. The moment someone is put on trial for his ideas, you can be sure the society you live in is no longer free.

It’s worse than election interference, even though it’s that too. Trump is being made an example. The powers that be (in both parties, throughout all our government, the corporations, the schools and universities) want to convey to the little people: “Don’t go there. Don’t challenge or question the things Donald Trump has challenged and questioned. Somehow, he became president for 4 years. Nothing like that will ever, ever happen again. If you applaud him, then you’re next.”

We have a Uniparty in D.C., and Trump challenged it for real. Look at the Speaker of the House. Supposedly a conservative Republican. Now he works openly with Democrats to pass all their totalitarian legislation. In exchange for this petty little twit getting to remain Speaker nominally, we get a DemCom Congress. For people to fall so quickly, they were never what you thought they were in the first place. Our government is beyond repair and beyond redemption because the ideas underlying today’s culture — group think, conformity, state run propaganda mills called schools, politically connected, rich elites controlling what should be free enterprise, woke madness, mindless adherence to the state — all these are the polar opposite of what made America great, and the polar opposite of what either an individual or society requires for its survival.

My best guess is that Donald Trump will either be found guilty of the charges, or — if he’s lucky — there will be a hung jury. Then on to the next show trials. But it shouldn’t have come this far. He shouldn’t have to rely on luck or on the whim of leftist Manhattan residents (who sit on the jury), the types who watch CNN or MSNBC, while reading the New York Times, and consider themselves (according to what they’ve told reporters) “apolitical.”

We are in a war. The leftists know it and treat it with breathtaking consistency and decisiveness. They win over and over, not because they’re rational or right or strong, but because they HAVE NO REAL OPPOSITION. Donald Trump was the only opposition they faced.

The conservatives keep hoping for someone to come and rescue them. Many think faith and hope will be enough to conquer the tanks, guns, prisons and impoverishment of evil. No. You need action too — stronger and more decisive than the actions of your enemy.

The first lesson of adulthood — for every individual, no matter what the circumstances — is that nobody is coming to rescue you. I don’t care if you like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is being made an example of by the people who intend to control you — unless you conform with everything that’s wrong, evil and stupid in our collapsing civilization. Once they finish with him, you can expect the American equivalent of Nazi Germany or worse. I am deadly serious; because I know they are. Until or unless you learn how to fight back for yourselves, the crazies in control will continue on their relentless quest to devour all things beautiful, sane and good.



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