It’s Not the 1980s

To those of you old enough to remember the Reagan years of the 1980s, just imagine if Democrats of that time had tried to jail Ronald Reagan. Many of his critics would have liked to. They seethed with resentment over budget cuts, huge tax cuts, and a strong military policy that ultimately brought down the Communist Soviet Union. But weaponizing the courts to manufacture charges against Reagan, to force Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis on us as President? It would have been unimaginable.

Trump’s policies are essentially the same as Reagan’s. DemComs of today loathe Trump as they loathed Reagan. Reagan was a charmer and Trump is a pit bull. We need a pit bull in 2024 because today’s leftists are radical, hateful and unhinged. Actually, we need a pack of pit bulls. I am not talking just about the leftists in power. In all honesty, your leftist supporting friends and relatives are often just as bad. They know what the DemComs are doing, but they refuse to think out the implications of turning America into a one-party dictatorship. “It’s just Trump,” they rationalize. “When he’s gone, all will be well.” How much more wrong could they be? They are the 21st century version of Nazi apologists. They are the ones who permitted the destruction of America, and I will always blame them for what I believe happens next.

On my Facebook thread, a reader replied to the above post:

Reaches a point we still need hope.

But reasonable optimism aside let’s not numb our minds. Concerning me more than show trials is what I call the new-right. Sean hannity Ben Shapiro era is gone. Post 9/11 Ferber is gone. Much if the right no longer sees Bin Ladin as the bad guy.

I don’t hear tucker using the constitution as his intellectual base. I think he’s an opportunist, candace whom I think is otherwise intelligent w/gaps in her knowledge is an opportunist. Alex jones much the same. Watch Jesse Waters defect to the new-right.

Kanye west’s sabotage of Trump seemed to galvanise the movement. I see him as another fraudulent opportunist with ostensible mental suffering.
They don’t promote a Judeo-Christian country. Their christology is post-judeo which is incongruent with even replacement theology. Yet the emotional condition of much of the churched is ready to replace judeo-Christian with an Islamo-Christian ethic.

While the above talking heads say they’re for trump they’re demotivating their followers from so voting.

Their audience(s) sees trump as too pro Israel.

Someone’s pulling the strings . The old paradigms of liberal conservative or republican-democrat seemed to have gone away during the nasty virus that was expected to kill 2/3rds of the world. Discussions of the constitution being the doctrinal spine of governance was replaced with populism.

I’m hoping the irrational populists hold their noses and come out to vote so maybe we can put some jelly back in the donut.


My reply to the reader:

You make many good points. I don’t think the populism is all bad, however. We went from capitalism to economic fascism in this country. This means the government became so involved with business that the big money makers more or less merged with the government. Case in point: Facebook, Twitter (before Musk), Google but also all the big corporations (Starbucks, Nike, NBC) who espouse the woke ideology of our essentially Communist government. So when somebody’s a populist today, they’re not necessarily anti-capitalist, anti private property, or anti-Constitution. Many, in my experience, are not. They resent the well off billionaires who either got that way, or are permitted to remain that way (thanks to fascism) due to their pull with the government. It’s the military-industrial complex, although it’s not just defense contractors any longer, but also all the green contractors and companies, entities whose profitability is made possible by government more than market forces.



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