More Notes from the Underground

Ukraine’s Zelensky reveals that the U.S. and Ukraine are “working” on a scheme for 10 years of military aid from the U.S. to Ukraine, according to Breitbart and other news sources.

Ten years!!

Our country may not be irredeemable, but our government is. There is no coming back from a government this brazenly, openly corrupt. If we don’t shut it down and start over, then — believe me, just study all of world history — reality will force us to start over, sooner or later.


“Has it not occurred to you in America that when Biden forgives student loans he is using your tax payers dollars for them to be indoctrinated with anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-American, brain washing, before releasing them to become your future decision makers.

If this trend is not reversed soon it heralds the collapse of America in a decade as their power and assertiveness grows by being unchallenged.

I further predict that, if there will be a Republican presidency and Congress next year, the streets of America will make the BLM riots look like child’s play as the radicals will declare war on America.”

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute of Strategic Studies.
Source: The American Israeli Patriots, via Sherry R. Condon Brumgard

It seems to me that if you don’t wish Israel to attack you, then you wouldn’t attack Israel in the first place.


A meme on social media states:

“The ‘Free Palestine’ movement is an Islamic conquest movement disguised as a liberation movement that is orchestrated and funded by The Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Good point. We don’t have a “free the Nazis” movement. Or a “free the totalitarian” movement. Unless you’re the Biden-Obama regime.


Musician Alice Cooper reportedly said, “When musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that’s an abuse of power. You’re telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock ‘n roll is about freedom and that’s not freedom.”

My own take: It’s an intimidation tactic. “I take it for granted you think like me. SURELY, you don’t think otherwise, do you? No fan of mine would.”


U.S. Senator Rand Paul (one of the few good guys) asks the same question I have been asking for years: “If they can just print money, then why are they even collecting taxes?”

Psychology gives us the answer: Because they are sociopaths and narcissists, they tax and regulate to manipulate and feel a sense of control over their victims.


A new CNN poll says Trump is the choice of 42 percent for president; Biden for 33 percent; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 16 percent; and miscellaneous others 7 percent.

The significance here is not the poll itself. CNN is simply a propaganda mill for the Democrat Communist Uniparty.

The only relevant question is: Why are the propagandists for the State running stories about this?

And do they believe it? If so, I sure hope RFK Jr. and his family have good bodyguards.


I just saw a promotion for a “black food truck festival.” Now, just imagine a promotion for a white food truck festival. Segregation is on the rise. And colleges, especially Ivy Leagues, now have segregated dorms.

The leftists and Democrats who have always run our government and dominated our culture have changed and grown very little. When they screamed “segregation now, segregation forever” back in the 1940s, they really meant it.

And they’re still doing it.



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