The Ukraine Scam May Be the Biggest in History

The latest, most expensive “wisdom” being shoved down our throats.

“Russia’s Putin is a tyrant. The enemy of Putin is our friend. Therefore, we should give unlimited sums of money to Putin’s friend.”

Faulty premise # 1: WE are not doing anything. The Biden regime does not represent you and I. Mitch McConnell and the other Senate Republicans (the majority of them) do not represent you and I. None of them represent the Constitution. They represent (1) their own wallets and (2) their unending thirst for power (which is why some of them have been career politicians for 60 years and counting).

Faulty premise # 2: Just because money goes from one government to another does not mean it’s accomplishing what you think it’s accomplishing. Equating money with “help” is not tenable, especially where governments are involved. Governments do not own or create the wealth being transferred. They face no scrutiny or accountability. They don’t have to do ANYTHING other than ACT — i.e., make it LOOK LIKE they’re doing what you assume and hope they’re doing with the money. If you actually think the people we have in power are even remotely capable of such a thing, then I cannot help you, and will not reason or argue with you.

Faulty premise # 3: People who plan 10 years in advance for handouts are not aiming at independence or freedom. It would be one thing if an innocent person being attacked operated on the premise, “I’m going to defend myself. If you can help me, you’re welcome to join!” It’s entirely another when that supposedly innocent person lobbies for billions upon billions of dollars and says, “I’m going to need your help for this attack for at least the next 10 years.” The money was already flowing in an open-ended, unaccountable form as it was. And how attacked is this Ukrainian “leader” we’re supposed never to question or criticize? He visits America regularly, and his wife shops on Fifth Avenue in New York City. He acts and looks a lot more like someone aiming to copy the Biden crime family model of living off the government. There’s reams of evidence linking the Bidens to the Ukrainian government going back years; and this is the evidence that managed to slip through the overwhelmingly one party media, mostly during the Trump years. Imagine what we don’t know.

Always make sure your ASSUMPTIONS are true before you conclude anything.



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