We Are Watching Nazi Germany: The Sequel … and Today’s Leftists are Worse

Actually, the truth is far worse than brainwashing. If you believe these show trials, or in any remote way take them as valid, you are the 21st century, far less innocent equivalent of the people who looked the other way in 1930s Germany. And you WILL soon be giving the Donald Trump treatment to your lower profile fellow men who challenge our toxic, intellectually and morally feeble authorities.

I said the same thing at the end of the first two Obama terms, and now again at the winding down of his third term: Why are leftists so miserable? They have everything. Not only Congress, the presidency, the agenda of both major parties, the Supreme Court, the media, all universities from Harvard to community colleges, all primary and secondary schools, the entire medical profession, the woke military, the Papacy and at least 75 percent of the under 30 population. They practically have a dictatorship, and are about to imprison (via a bunch of kangaroo courts) the only meaningful alternative candidate for high office, their ultimate nemesis Donald Trump.

And yet they are still screaming victimhood.

Only one explanation is possible: These are miserable, wretched, broken souls. They will never be happy. And they are ruthlessly determined to bring us all down with them. It’s a spiritual and literal suicide-homicide, the most spectacular in human history.



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