Why Inflation Doesn’t Matter to the Tyrants Imposing It On Us

“Remember, while you are training for diversity and inclusion, someone else is training for war. When you meet, they will win.”
(unknown author)

It’s true. The first obligation of human life is survival. When people threaten your existence, or your freedom, you first must take care of that problem. Concerns about diversity and inclusion — rational and justified, or not — must come later. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a self-evident fact.

I maintain that the powers that be — the people in our government, and their stalwarts in the media, schools and culture — already know this. The worst and most powerful of them are not stupid.

The insanity we’re seeing with “diversity and inclusion” — extending even to a fraction of one percent of the population, people confused about their gender — is a twofer.

What’s the twofer?

One, divide and conquer. Tyrants have used this since the beginning of human society. Abusive family members have used this tool since families first began.

Two, distract people from the need to arm up for survival. And then go in for the kill. Again, one of the oldest tools in the tyrant’s toolkit.

The Chinese Communists are brilliant at divide, conquer and distract. They’re in for the long game, on a rarely seen scale. The militant Muslims, while less cool about it, are also in for the long-game, chipping away at infidels until they wipe them all out. The Soviets were like this, but they tended to brag and talk about their future, anticipated victory that never came. The Chinese Communists are quiet about it. That’s one reason they’re winning. The latest news was that they’re establishing beachheads in the Caribbean. The Biden regime claims to be upset about it, but will do nothing. Notice how they never do anything. Not because of weakness. But because they don’t want the U.S. to prevail. Isn’t that obvious? Biden and his criminal family have financial stakes in the survival of America’s enemies. There’s a lot of money in China. And with Ukraine’s corrupt regime (just as corrupt as Putin), who — while not explicitly an enemy — is draining our already spiraling national debt into infinity. That’s all the Biden crime family cares about, and that’s all anybody in power cares about: money and power. What else would motivate you to become and remain a career politician? They’re all taking their cut — of money, and also unearned power. As Ayn Rand would say, their grabs for unearned money and power fill the void where their self-respect, self-esteem and humanity should have been.

Earth to patriots, conservatives, libertarians and others: We are way, way beyond the limits set up by our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Those are just a tonic to appease people into thinking they’re more free than they really are. In America, especially, people view their freedom in terms of economic power over their lives. It’s that post-war, 1950s concept; and it was, at its peak, truly a beautiful thing. It’s still there, in practice, though it’s diminishing by the hour, especially with inflation.

In principle, that power of the average, middle class person over his economic destiny went out the window more than a century ago, when the U.S. started to go off the gold standard — meaning, a free market — and into the realm of government-influenced fiat currency, via the Federal Reserve. Read the insightful and informative works of Henry Hazlitt, George Reisman and Ludwig von Mises for a better understanding of economics. Also (believe it or not) the works of the early, brilliant Alan Greenspan, writing back in the 1960s before he joined the Swamp.

Today it’s way beyond the Federal Reserve. There’s government-controlled inflation (i.e., expansion of the money supply), explicitly designed to curb or eliminate the middle class. Inflation will not hurt the elites, and it will not hurt the poor, who depend on the government anyway. The elimination of the middle class will put mass numbers of people into the poor category, which means the government-dependent category. Check out Cuba, Venezuela, later Soviet Russia and even China, still, despite the economic development in that country.

You don’t have a middle class in totalitarian countries. That’s why inflation is actually a benefit, not a harm, to those who seek unearned wealth and power. The Bidens are simply one rather comically grotesque illustration of this principle. Plenty of others wait their turn, in both parties.




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