Truth in Our Age of Unreason

Breitbart Headline: Thought Police — Google Launches “Prebunking” Campaign to counter ‘Election Misinformation’

“Prebunking”?! Denying information before it’s uttered. Rational people call it censorship.

The creepy freak who runs Google is straight out of Orwell or Ayn Rand. Or Hitchcock. We are living in dystopian times. And amazingly ridiculous times.


Nazis on campus: Free speech, yes. Subsidies for your support of terrorism, no.

DEFUND THEM ALL. 100 percent. Make them persuade people to support their insanity.


Did you know…

Obama’s Chief of Staff and his brother paid hush money to the National Enquirer to have it pay off women with whom they had affairs. NYC DA Alvin Bragg has not indicted either Ari or Rahm Emanuel.

We do not need another rigged election. We need a revolution.

If we cannot repeat the American Revolution, I will accept a repeat of the French Revolution



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