Our New National Nightmare is Just Beginning

Back in 1974, President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon so he could not be prosecuted as a criminal. Ford said he didn’t want to risk civil strife or civil war by prosecution of a former President.

Yet today we have a former and possible future President being prosecuted with dozens of (entirely politicized) criminal charges in the midst of an election campaign. With at least half of the country behind him, Trump is considerably more popular than Nixon was upon leaving office back in 1974.

If Ford’s concerns were valid 50 years ago, then how concerned should we be about some kind of civil war now? I know a lot of people who agree with me that there’s very little left to lose if things continue along their current course economically, politically and socially. These unspeakably arrogant, tyrannical and ruthlessly unjust judges and prosecutors generating the Sovietesque show trials in the ruins of the American court system are playing with fire in a way never envisioned by people like Gerald Ford when he pardoned Nixon.

Unlike Alan Dershowitz, a brilliant legal mind whom I respect greatly, I think these savages in suits will go all the way and imprison Trump, possibly before November. If that happens, I will be watching with great interest to see how millions of horrified people react. I am hoping this will finally wake them up to what has happened to our once great republic.



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