Why I am Sick of Trump Haters

I am sick of Trump haters. They face no accountability for their views, logically or intellectually speaking. In other words: They get to say: “Trump is awful,” while providing ABSOLUTELY NO defense for leaving us to radicalized Democrat Party tyrants (aided by RINOs like Mike Johnson) who are self-evidently destroying the country.

I am especially sick of Trump haters who claim to be conservatives, libertarians, Ayn Rand Objectivists and the like. These are people who are content to let Bidenistas (essentially Obama’s third term, plus the money and power of people like George Soros, etc.) openly and ruthlessly wreck the country. In some cases, these self-described right wingers actively and proudly VOTE for the radicalized Democrats — they smugly say, anything to stop Trump.

What makes Trump so horrible? He cut taxes. He rolled back regulations. He appointed conservatives (sometimes) to the Supreme Court and the federal courts. His appointments are the only thing keeping some of Biden’s worst policies (vax mandates, open censorship, student loan write offs) at bay. He boosted the morale of the military and used the threat of force against bad guys such as Iran and China. He tried to maintain a border. He wasn’t right about everything all the time, but no Republican is. Conservatives and libertarians generally understand that radicalized Democrats ARE wrong about EVERYTHING, all the time. Everything Trump did is what Republicans have always done, and what even many Democrats (in the past) have always done, such as have a border and sometimes lower taxes.

We’re left to conclude that they hate Trump because of his manner, his style, and the WAY he delivers his comments. “Those Tweets! I hated those Tweets!” So we’re supposed to give up on America — what’s left of it — and allow the radicalized Democrat Commiefascists roll over our liberties, security and prosperity with their woke bulldozers. By what standard, by what right and on what premise?

Your house is on fire. Trump has a fire hose and wants to put the fire out; or at least to try. “No, I want a better fireman. One who talks to women differently and who doesn’t write mean Tweets.” Stupid is too innocent a description for such a policy.

I am sick of having to defend myself for supporting Trump. Show me an alternative. Show me ANY alternative. Nikki Haley wants to be President so badly she’s about to burst. She loves the New York Times and Washington Post far more than our Constitution, and she proved that during the primaries. Ron DeSantis is a great governor of Florida, but he may be the most inept man ever to run for U.S. President in history.

Republicans, on the whole, are worse than worthless, except for a handful (Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rand Paul) who can’t get anywhere in Congress. Mike Johnson, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell –these are the people who control and run the Republican Party. One of the best things you can say about Trump is that he is NOT really a Republican. He’s not one of them. Rand Paul would be better, you say? Or Ron DeSantis? You might be right. But you can’t get them nominated, much less elected in a rigged national election. So what’s your justification for letting the house that was America burn to the ground?

People who scream about Trump’s STYLE while offering us no alternative except for the willful, painful, excruciating and now not-so-slow deliberate demolishing of our freedom, and our way of life, and our Bill of Rights … YOU are the people who should be on the defensive. Even more than the Democratic Commiefascists.



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