The Trump Trials are Show Trials

A show trial is a public trial in which the guilt or innocence of the defendant has already been determined. The purpose of holding a show trial is to present both accusation and verdict to the public, serving as an example and a warning to other would-be dissidents or transgressors.

Show trials tend to be retributive rather than corrective, and they are also conducted for propagandistic purposes. When aimed at individuals on the basis of protected classes or characteristics, show trials are examples of political persecution. The term was first recorded in 1928.

A similar concept is “kangaroo court”. [Wikipedia]

Meanwhile, in Congress, the “conservative” Republican Speaker of the House is giving away the store. Unprecedented spending, giving the Biden regime everything it wants, including unlimited funds for the corrupt Ukraine government so it can battle the corrupt Russian government — while nothing is done to keep terrorists and moochers out of the U.S. at the border. Mind you, this is a Republican who was supposed to save the party in Congress.

Think Mike Johnson: It’s a Uniparty.

Once you get that, you will understand we need a revolution, not an election.


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