A “Legal System” Run by Mobsters is Not a Legal System

Anyone paying attention, and anyone with a grain of intellectual honesty, can see that our “legal system” has been weaponized beyond repair. The solution? Turn the weaponization against the weaponizers. That means just about everyone in the system. Remove them from power and, whenever possible, prosecute and punish them.

We keep hearing how “nobody is above the law.” But what’s the law? The law is applied selectively based on your political party. Nobody who supports the government will be tried and convicted of anything. Hunter or Joe Biden convicted of anything, despite the overwhelming evidence? You’ve got to be kidding. As for Donald Trump and those like him … Anybody who forcefully questions that same government — well, laws will be made up to create crimes that previously did not exist.

We have reached a point where it’s ugly and dishonest to dignify what we called a legal system as anything other than the dangerous, toxic gang of mobsters that it actually is. To acknowledge this makes it sound like we don’t believe in the rule of law. We actually DO believe in the rule of law: objective law, applied equally to everyone, and only activated when the rights of people have been violated.

Democrats and their RINO cohorts like that ruthlessly unprincipled Liz Cheney have turned the legal system into a kindergarten game. “If we don’t get our way, or if you say things we don’t like (even when they’re true), we’ll get back at you by putting you in jail by any means necessary.”

We DO believe in the legal system. But the only possible way to restore a legal system is to literally arrest and imprison all the people who have turned it into the polar opposite of what it’s supposed to be. Unless or until that happens, anyone with a good conscience must oppose the legal system on principle: because it’s not a legal system at all.


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