Stories from the Fall of the American Empire

It did not take long for Mike Johnson to be bought and sold. A year ago, he was nobody; today, he cashes in on the Ukraine loot just like a McConnell or a Biden.

At some point, we have to realize: by giving politicians (ANY politicians) unlimited amounts of $$$ that isn’t theirs, we create the perfect conditions for irredeemable corruption. The only solution to government corruption? Defund 90 percent of the government. Return most of the money to the people, where it belongs.

People are saying Jim Jordan should replace Mike Johnson as House Speaker, at least until DemComs steal back the House. I expect he’d be better, though that’s not saying much. I want someone who’s prepared to stop funding the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the weaponized DOJ, the EPA, HHS, Homeland Security, the Department of Education and to begin the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. Just for starters.


The criminal “trials” President Trump faces are brazenly, openly rigged, based on the falsehood of the charges and the juries he can expect to face in jurisdictions like NY. I believe Trump will end up in jail, unless he wins the election first. And if Trump somehow wins the election, there will be violence and mayhem, especially in America’s big blue cities, and possibly even civil war. Prepare yourselves, people. These are hard facts. Triumph of good over evil requires stern, cold looks at reality. Brush up on your Winston Churchill. You’re going to need it.


[phone/headline credit: Breitbart News]

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