Yes, They Will Do It Again

“Three days ago, an official from the Chicago election board announced that roughly 9,000 mail-in ballots were mistakenly not counted in the Illinois state primary election that was held last week.

Or, to put it in other words, approximately 9,000 previously uncounted mail-in ballots were suddenly discovered sitting in a cage somewhere in Chicago.” [The Epoch Times 4/2/24]

It was for a Democratic primary in Chicago. The race, I understand, was between a far far far left Communist and a merely far left Communist. The “suddenly found” mail-in ballots were to the advantage of … you guessed it: the far far far left Communist.

And you seriously think this won’t be happening in the November 2024 presidential election? Assuming we make it that far. Putin openly threatens to nuke Western Europe in America, as Biden turns the White House into a high profile drag show and authorizes the FBI and DOJ to keep arresting dissidents for non-crimes such as “January 6.”

Nazi Germany happened with the aid of good people in denial. The gathering storm of America’s fall will likewise happen because of denial–mostly, of conservatives who hope and pray it can’t happen here, and Trump alone will save us.



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