“Misinformation” Is a Toxic, Dangerous Idea

The accusation of “misinformation” isn’t merely a claim that something is false.

It’s a claim that, “This doesn’t qualify as information at all. It shouldn’t even be discussed.”

No proof or justification for the distinction between “misinformation” and falsehood is offered; nor is it considered necessary. It’s used as a tool of intimidation to shut down conversation.

In the hands of government, the word and anti-concept of “misinformation” is profoundly dangerous. When the Biden-Obama regime officials accuse you of “misinformation,” they’re saying you had better shut up — and fast.

It’s important to understand and appreciate the totalitarian nature of this term “misinformation.” It’s not simply a dismissal of what you’re saying; it’s a dismissal of your right to say it — politically, not just intellectually. We know this because increasingly, people who say things the government does not like — and have it labeled “misinformation” — are getting knocks on the door by America’s own KGB, the FBI.

How far this will go, and how long it will go on — that’s up to us. You cannot sit back and wait for an action superhero to save you. Donald Trump cannot do this for you, not because he lacks courage, but because there is no such thing as a rescuer, not when it comes to your freedom. Freedom is an ACTIVE state, and a state that must be continuously maintained; otherwise, it withers and dies.

You’ve got to embrace the cause of your own liberty for yourself. If you don’t want freedom, then nobody can save you from its opposite — from the nasty, sneering form of authoritarianism gripping America today as never before in its history, including the time of the American Revolution or the Civil War.

These are bad times because bad people control our government, our language and our ability to defend ourselves even through freedom of thought and speech. We have to exercise our speech as widely and decisively as we can. It’s the only thing that makes totalitarians afraid.



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