Communists Do Not Love Transgenders, Gays or Anyone Else

If you actually think Bidenistas and corporate Communists care about sexually confused individuals, gay/lesbian individuals, black individuals, Hispanic individuals or anyone else, you are WRONG. The ruling leftists are collectivists. Collectivists care about power. They also care about money, not legitimately earned wealth but money attained by political means.

Collectivists, Communists and “Democrats” do NOT care about individuals. They do not care about you. They do NOT care about your rights. Once they gain all the money and power they need through exploitation of a victim group on their toxic radar, they will toss the individuals who comprise that group into the gutter. Look at what they have done to black people in America for 160 years. The permanent welfare state proved to be just a different form of slavery, tyranny and impoverishment.

Communism and collectivism are not compassionate. The individual does not matter to them. Only groups, to be used and then tossed aside. If you do not care about INDIVIDUALS, then you are incapable of compassion or empathy.



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