Trump’s “Incredible Win” is No Win at All

Everyone is calling Trump’s bond appeal an “incredible win.” It’s not an incredible win. An incredible win would consist of an appeals decision that said:

“This is ridiculous. Trump was not guilty of anything. This is a made up figure, for a nonexistent crime based on a Marxist opinion that he made too much money, even though everyone associated with the real estate deals made a profit. No fraud was proven, nor was fraud the point of the case.

These kinds of damages have never been applied to anyone before, and never will be again — not if New York state does not intend to blow itself economically off the face of the earth. There will be ZERO bail, because there are no damages to atone for, not by Donald Trump.

The state of New York should pay all legal bills. The Attorney General of New York should be removed from office, immediately disbarred and criminally charged for her actions, along with all her henchpersons.

$400 million bond, $100 million in bond, $1 in bond — it’s all viciously wrong in principle, and should never, ever happen to anyone again. “

THAT is what an incredible victory would look like.



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