Will America Go to War With Israel?!

The regime has sent out powder-for-brains to threaten MILITARY ACTION against Israel if it doesn’t cease fire and let Hamas decimate them.

This is yet another new low, and a really big deal. The American government is now enabling the next Holocaust, which may be worse than the original. Stupid people who keep voting Democratic do not grasp or appreciate that their party of choice is morally on par with the Nazi party. Yes, the Republicans are befuddled, inept, have very strange priorities at times and have no clue how to defeat an enemy of the kind we now face. But Democrats — and I am including you Democrat Jews in this rant — you have openly thrown your support to evil.

Will American troops bomb and attack Israel? If they don’t, I suppose they’ll get the same treatment as soldiers who refused the vax.

By the way: I am siding with Israel.

A reader responded to my comments on Facebook: I’m pretty sure Israel has little to no fear of a Biden-Harris administration. A President that doesn’t even know what day it is, and Vice President who couldn’t spell it if he did.

My reply: I agree, in one sense. But the United States military is still formidable, even if in decline. Will Biden-Harris-Obama and company fire on Israel? And if so, will America end up in a war with Israel, because what you say is correct? Isn’t the mere threat to attack Israel (even if as empty as the mind of Kamala Harris) an inconceivable new low in an America that has turned completely upside down and become one the world’s bad guys?


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