Why Totalitarian Bidenistas LOVE “Red Flag” Laws

Conservative political activist Laura Loomer said in a post on X that she believes the new “red flag hub” program being implemented by the Biden regime would be used to target Trump supporters.

“Oh look. The DOJ just created a program to red flag Trump supporters at the same time they are allowing for illegals to have guns,“ she wrote. ”We all know this will only be used against Trump supporters, so let’s just call it what it is. A red flag database to disarm MAGA. Communism.” [The Epoch Times 3/24/24]

Incidentally, this program was just funded by Congress with the approval of Republican leadership.

Red flag laws are entirely subjective. Doctors and judges are given arbitrary discretion in empowering police to take guns away from anyone they consider “potentially dangerous.” Dangerous by what objective standard? Why, they’re the authorities. They will just somehow KNOW.



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