COVID Fascists are War Criminals

COVID was not nearly as bad as we were told. Indiana’s Attorney General is the latest to publicly admit that none of the mandates and lockdowns were necessary. The lockdowns did irreparable damage to the Bill of Rights and to people’s lives — economically and emotionally. I have worked in mental health since 1988 and have seen nothing remotely comparable, including 9/11 and the 2008 economic meltdown.

Perpetrators of lockdowns are the equivalent of war criminals. They consciously, willfully declared war on America, and were proven overwhelmingly wrong about everything — including the efficacy of the mandatory, experimental vaccines. Yet most of them remain in power. Fauci — where the hell is he, and why is he still free? They have not apologized because they are not sorry. It’s a sickening disgrace. Why are none of them paying for their crimes? Why not even ONE of them? Mostly Democrats, yes, but both parties share the blame. DeSantis in Florida was an outlier, not the norm among Republicans.

They know they got away with it. They will do worse the next time. Evade this issue at your peril. You should be angrier than anyone in 1776. Way angrier.



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