Letitia James: Straight Out of a Dystopian Novel

Letitia James: What dystopian novelist could have created a character like this? It would have been dismissed as trite, cheap fiction unworthy of dramatic license. This walking freak show is a Marxist without any capital — moral, financial or intellectual. She thinks she’s something because she has power. But what props her up is the lowest form of ignorance known to man. Without the wealth of people like Donald Trump, she wouldn’t enjoy her ability to destroy the system of wealth creation upon which mentally subzero parasites like herself depend for survival. A hypocritical Marxist is as tired as the 1960s, and as passe as the Middle Ages. She is nothing new. Yet in the ruins of a once phenomenal republic called the USA, she cashes in on celebrity to the applause of moronic blockheads who check to make sure the other moronic blockheads see them applauding. New York is DONE as a place to make money or create anything valuable to human civilization. This airhead cannot even take most of the credit, since she’s about as bright as Joe Biden on a bad day.

Other than that, I think she’s just great!



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