The Biden Regime Wants Federal Powers to Destroy America’s Borders

Let me get this straight.

The Biden regime is Constitutionally obligated to enforce America’s border laws. Instead, they open up the borders and permit a literal invasion of the country.

Texas fights back. It says, “If the federal government won’t do its job, WE will.” They enforce the borders around Texas. The Supreme Court, minus the three leftists, today upholds the right of Texas to do so.

Now the Biden regime, its schools and its media are foaming at the mouth. They say the borders are the responsibility of the federal government, not the state government. BUT THEY ARE OPENLY EVADING THAT RESPONSIBILITY. Incredibly, they hide behind their assertion as a means of obliterating the very border they claim is theirs–and only theirs– to enforce!

This would be like Hitler invading the USA in 1943, and the US government simply refusing to activate the military to fight back. And then screaming when Texas activated their own troops to defend Texas, at least.

Bidenistas on the Supreme Court screamed that this usurps federal power and, in effect, declares Texas a sovereign republic.

Exactly. Here’s hoping that more states follow suit, not just on the border, but on all the lawless, explicit anti-Constitutional actions of the willfully destructive Biden regime. At some point, enough is enough.


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