If Trump Doesn’t Win (Or Even if He Does): Plan B, Anyone?

Most Trump supporters/conservatives appear to assume Trump will win in November, and the after-effects of his victory will be an overcoming of the Deep State and a wipeout — throughout all of America — of all the leftist irrationality and totalitarianism gaining ground everywhere.

My questions are: What will Trump do differently from his first term? If you suspect or assume election fraud, the Deep State clearly defeated him the first time. So how can he defeat the Deep State this time? Also, leftists have done everything in their power to bankrupt and imprison Trump since he left office. Will those efforts stop if he wins? If so, won’t those efforts resume after he leaves office? Can’t he be bankrupted as President, and possibly even imprisoned — on some made-up felony charge — even before winning? Will the Deep State even permit him to pardon himself?

In 2020, there were riots more or less manufactured by the media and well-paid activists. These activities more or less ruined America’s big cities, places most of us would never seek to visit or live in, not any longer. Will such efforts resume once Trump is back in the White House? Will Black Lives Matter terrorists come after the smaller cities, and even rural America, as they promised to do in 2020 if Trump wasn’t defeated? Trump was unable to stop them during 2020, because the mayors and governors of these places actually supported this destruction of their own cities and states. With this kind of borderline psychotic irrationality in power, and supported by 95 percent of the media and 99 percent of academia, is it realistic to expect one man can stop and reverse all of it? How?

And, on top of it all: What if Trump does NOT win in 2024? And what if his loss appears due to even more brazen election fraud, or perhaps even a cancellation of the election by the Biden regime, with the aid of the media and our out-of-control government, known as the Deep State?

Do we have a “plan B” just in case all doesn’t go swimmingly this fall? Shouldn’t we at least have a conversation about a Plan B? Or is that negativity and defeatism, which shall not be permitted?

Don’t misunderstand. I fully support Trump and plan to vote for him in November 2024, assuming we have an election and he’s still available to vote for. But I have NO illusions. Neither should you.



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