How to Cope When a Culture and the Government Have Gone Batshit Crazy

You only need to be informed about facts, and objective truth. The insane ravings of lunatics in 99 percent of the media and government are neither facts nor truth. Stick to what’s true, and what’s necessary for survival. Focus on what you know, not on what morons and sociopaths babble about. Ditch most of the media, and ignore the government and the culture as much as you can. It’s all in the process of falling apart completely, and in many ways the world will be better off without them.

In the likely troubled times ahead, you will need your inner strengths and your virtues; Rachel Maddow, the View, the DNC, and Don Lemon–trust me–are not going to matter. The people you’re allowing to compromise your sanity are parasitical, and have no virtue, no strength, and no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They really don’t matter. Once you better understand this, you’ll be both sane, and free.



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