Globalism Does NOT Mean Freedom

“Globalism” is sold as peace and prosperity. But to achieve peace and prosperity, you need capitalism, private property, free markets and individual rights, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Globalism seeks the opposite. It proposes a one-world government, not to uphold economic and personal freedom, but to impose an impossible, horrific hybrid of socialism, Communism and climate fascism where every last detail of our lives conforms to what elites want it to be. Globalism proposes to make the entire world into a gigantic Cuba, or North Korea, or Venezuela. With one crucial difference: Nobody will come to the rescue. Because under globalism, there will be no more America.

Agree or disagree with the meme from DJ Freedom Rockets, our federal government is on its way out. Morally hollow, cognitively stupid, riddled with range-of-the-moment grifters, charlatans and power-lusters, and fiscally BEYOND bankrupt, we’re just a barbarian invasion or economic crisis away from the fall of the Roman Empire II. No way can this continue!

Put it this way: If they dump Biden and install Michelle O., will you consider secession then?



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