The Point of Biden

I disagree with the headline. Biden has ZERO accountability for his disasters. 98 percent of the media won’t cover his horrific news conference, or even comment on it. Those of us who only take in conservative media fail to appreciate that 95 percent of the country is not exposed to what we see.

Trump, on the other hand, must contend with an openly rigged legal system that will prosecute him into dust and jail him, if they can — and with dozens of felony charges in a system dominated by Democrat/RINO judges and all-Democrat juries, almost certainly will convict him of something.

We cannot get complacent. This is not a comic book fantasy, or a Netflix drama where the good guys will win, in the end. We are dealing with unrepentant dishonesty and savagely unjust people with almost unlimited power. Biden is their way of saying to us, “We have so much power and control over everything, we can even get away with HIM.”



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