Donald Trump’s Biggest Mistake Since Spring 2020

Former President Trump made a terrible, terrible mistake yesterday. Perhaps the biggest mistake ever, and certainly the biggest since deciding to trust Fauci’s advice during the start of the scamdemic, back in spring 2020.

Yesterday in South Carolina, Trump promised NO trials or what he called “revenge” against Biden and his hench persons, should Trump manage to win the upcoming election. He said Biden will be “tried at the ballot box” and there will be no “revenge.”

Seriously? We’re going to trust the ballot boxes rigged and run by the very people who are forgiven in advance for all they have done?

Does Donald Trump seriously believe that if he does win a second term, serves it and then leaves office again, that the Uniparty won’t come after him again with false legal charges? If they haven’t been held accountable themselves for what they’ve done — and by held accountable I mean charged, convicted, and punished for treason, at a minimum — then how is our country supposed to go on? How is Donald Trump and his family supposed to get any peace? How are any of us to get any reassurance that we once again live in a free country, where people are NOT arrested and charged for their political views, NOT called “insurrectionists” for expressing dissent?

Trump’s error here is assuming the legitimacy of a system that according to his own knowledge and claims is corrupt at the core. It would be like going into Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia or Iran, running against the existing dictator who’s in charge of counting the ballots, and then promising — if elected — simply to let the dictator go on his way.

Please don’t tell me Trump is being charitable to his enemies; and please don’t tell me mercy to the guilty isn’t cruelty to the innocent. You don’t forgive violent criminals and you don’t let them go free. Similarly, you don’t let brazen, open tyrants who act like Soviet or Chinese dictators go free either, not if it’s still a free nation. If you support that kind of policy, move to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle or any other major American city where violent criminals now run free. Trump’s actions as president, with regard to our enemies such as China and Iran, show that he knows better.

Trump’s equivocation on this matter is worrisome. I recognize it’s highly unlikely that Donald Trump — under a now openly rigged legal system that explicitly aims to put him in jail before he can even get reelected — will ever be in the position to pardon Biden and the people he works for. Remember, we still have the 2024 equivalent of burst water pipes and suddenly found mail-in ballots to overcome.

But this isn’t just about Trump. This is about our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s about America, and freedom itself. It’s about the rights of man in the balance. Refusing to punish the Uniparty totalitarians for what they’ve done would have been like refusing to punish the Nazis after World War II. We cannot let them get away with doing all of the things of which they accuse dissenters: destroying our republic, destroying our electoral process and running over our rights.

By Trump promising to let Biden and the people Biden answers to go on their merry way … they’ve already gotten away with it. Along with so much else.



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