So Very Many Things Wrong With Nikki Haley (and all Never Trumpers)

I used to have some respect for this woman. I was wrong. Her colleague Rep. Nancy Mace (SC) has correctly pointed out that the Republican immigration bill keeps the borders wide open.

Why would anyone vote for a Republican with Democrat positions when there are already plenty of Democrats with Democratic positions? Especially when the Democratic positions are identical to those of Communist China and terrorist Iran. This poor woman thinks she’s going to become President by getting elected by Democrats in open Republican primaries. Good grief. That’s a special kind of stupidity that disqualifies her from high office, right there.

The Never Trumpers are dishonest. They used to claim to support lower taxes, less regulation, gun rights and a strong military. Initially, they claimed to support Biden in order to save what was important to them. Yet Biden’s radical left party has decimated everything. We’re getting hyperinflation, higher taxes, unprecedented regulations, gun bans, political arrests, stifling of free speech and a military replaced with a drag show. They know Trump did NONE of these things. They know Trump delivered on many of the items Republicans always promised to deliver on, but never did. Yet Never Trumpers continue to applaud Biden. And they will gladly applaud anyone they replace him with, including Michelle Obama.

The Never Trumpers are morally lower than anyone. And that includes the socialists and fascists who systematically and openly destroy us, with the help of the Never Trumpers.

As The American Thinker (blog site) pointed out on 2-5-23:

“In nine months, America will be holding an election for the ages. Yeah, I know everyone says that about every election, but the stakes for November 2024 could not be higher.

This assumes we will have an actual election. If it looks like Donald Trump is running away with the election, expect a false flag event to postpone or cancel the election. The excuse could be a war, especially as several are brewing, ready to boil over in October. Or some other excuse to invoke martial law and lockdowns for “public safety.” How about those millions of migrants, military-aged males, an invading army ready to cause trouble when called upon? Or a cyber-attack directed at election systems?

Another pandemic, the so-called “Disease X” could shut down the country, including voting. And there is still good old-fashioned cheating, although this may be difficult if the margin is too large.”

[Headline/picture from Breitbart News 2-5-23]



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