Iran, Biden and the Futility of Saving the American Republic at this Late Date

Biden’s feckless regime attacking Iranian targets is like a Chihuahua barking at a Doberman.

As Manfred Smith replied on my Facebook page thread: “Actually Biden & Gang are faking it: 1) Warn Iran that we’re gonna attack their useful idiots. 2) Give Iran clear clues what will be attacked. 3) Wait a week before attacking them. 4) ATTACK! BOMB THE HELL OUT OF …. sites that have been evacuated and all drones. missiles, etc removed. 5) Biden crows about teaching Iran a lesson. 6) Send Iran more billions. 7) Cut aid to Ukraine and tells Israel to make peace. 8 ) Rinse, repeat the farce and laugh at how the press and most Americans eat their shit up.”

One thing is certain: This is the kind of evil, completely directed against American interests, of which Biden’s regime is capable. Biden himself probably doesn’t know or care what’s going on; but those committed to America’s destruction (the Obamas included) know everything that’s going on.

Biden and his people are on Iran’s side. When Iran attacks Americans, the Biden people are happy. But they feel, for p.r. reasons, they must make it look like they’re unhappy. They continue to fund and aid Iran, hoping that the Americans who say, “Good, Mr. President!” to Biden’s “attacks” on Iran will fail to pay attention to the glaring inconsistencies. With the help of an almost universally compliant (and outright deceptive) media — it all works.

Even if Trump wins the overtly rigged presidential election coming in November, what can be fixed? The federal government is so wildly out of control and outside even the pretense of any Constitutional boundary, it’s too late. We have to start over, but states like California and New York want Communism and fascism on a champagne budget. The only thing left seems to be separate republics, where freedom will hopefully reign in some of them.



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